Plan your trips
with your friends

No more excuses to let your projects die a slow and painful death.

Now you can actually get things done together.

Dospatch App
Dospatch App
Dospatch App
Dospatch App

How does it work ?

Create tasks for participants

No need to plan the whole thing through from start to finish. Next steps will become crystal clear as you go along.

Mom needs to
send me the guest list and contact details for everyone
Patrick needs to
send invites
Monica (you) needs to
shortlist possible venues

Get on with it…

Just do what you have to do, mark it done and tell others what they should do next.

or suffer the consequences

When others feel you are not getting things done quickly enough, they can send you a gentle slap reminder.

Dospatch works for…




Family reunion


Baby shower

and almost anything you can think of…

House Moving, Watching the big game, Group exam revisions, Yard sales, BBQ with friends, Becoming president, Stopping global warming, Ending wars and conflicts, Grandma's funeral, ...

Planning was a hassle
Now there is Dospatch

Remember when

you were using telephone, emails, texts or whatsapp to plan anything with others ?


you are thanking Dospatch everyday for making it possible to plan things together using collaborative to-do lists. Genius !

Remember when

most of your projects were failing because no one wanted to assume the leader's role ?


think of how relieved you felt after finding out that no one had to be chief anymore with Dospatch. You just think of a first step to take and nothing more. Once completed, think of the very next step and assign it. Someone else will do the dirty work !

Remember when

you had to plan deadlines and schedule reminders ?


you can just relax. Others are there to remind you when you are late. How? With a slap. Not litterrally though. Slapping in Dospatch is as simple as liking on Facebook. Easy peasy.

They did nothing short
of miraculous with Dospatch

I could never have released Tesla's Model 3 without Dospatch

Elon M.

Thanks to Dospatch I know who is lagging behind on making America great again. Me.

Donald T.

The players, the staff and I all agree to say Dospatch has played a big part in us winning the World Cup.

Didier D.

Every little detail of our wedding was perfectly organised for our guests to enjoy. With more than 2000 guests from all over the world, it would have been a nightmare if it wasn't for Dospatch.

Meghan and Harry

Rock your projects together
starting right here right now